A HUGE THANK YOU to our newest Daily Double Sponsors!!

Wow, we cannot believe the response we have already gotten in support of our 2018 Derby Day party and want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has already joined us as a $1000 Daily Double Sponsor!! 

Meet Demitri, one of our Scholars!

Meet Demitri, one of our Scholars!

Support our Scholars: Meet Demitri!

Watch & wager with us on May 5, right here:

There's only one spot in town to drink, eat, watch & wager this Derby Day and it's a stunner -  A HUGE thank you to The Lodge for continuing to host our Derby Day party, we couldn't ask for a better spot to celebrate!

From dreams to reality: How our program works!

You might be familiar with our mission to help economically disadvantaged, motivated Saratoga Springs high school students excel in high school and graduate from college - but do you know how we do it? Saratoga-Sponsor-A-Scholar's program is a collaborative effort that involves Skidmore College, the Saratoga Mentoring Program and the Saratoga Springs City School District all of whom provide support. For everything from how our scholars are selected, to their weekly homework sessions, click here to see how we support students & foster success. 

We couldn't do it without the support of our generous donors and fundraisers like this year's 2018 'And they're off!' Derby Day Party - click here to pledge your support & join us!

Supporting our Scholars : Meet Cami!

Our Derby Day party on May 5th is SO much more than a good time, it's Saratoga-Sponsor-A-Scholar's largest fundraiser of the year & supports our students as they achieve their dreams. Get to know Cami, one of our recent 'Scholars of the Month!' by clicking here & then head over here to become a sponsor of this year's event or join the Honorary Committee before tickets go on sale April 2!

Get to know Cami, one of our incredible Scholars!   - {SSHS Senior Counselor Brandy Crary with Cami)

Get to know Cami, one of our incredible Scholars!  - {SSHS Senior Counselor Brandy Crary with Cami)

Party Faces, thank you's & counting down to May 5!

Take a peek at some of the moments from last year's fabulous (and TOTALLY SOLD OUT) Derby Day party followed by our long list of 'thank you's' for everyone who helped make it such a huge success! Get in on the action this Derby Day as we get ready to eat, drink & race the day away at The Lodge on May 5, all to support a very special group of scholars - 

2017 Derby Day wrap-up:

The rain held off for most of the day, and nearly 300 friends came out to mingle and watch the Derby. We are thrilled to report that the Derby Day Party raised more than $150,0000 for the students -- so we've met our goal -- through the help of many. We want to first thank our event committee: Kristie Roohan, Colleen Carlson, Carly Connors, Jenn Hennessy, Cara Milde, Mary Gavin and Robin Dalton. The event only comes together because of their hard work. Their work was made easier by Derek Hallquist from Roohan Realty who designed our signage and thank you boards (we loved them!), and Tamara Valentine who works all year to keep the organization...organized!

We also want to thank The Lodge. Your team does a superb job -- food, service, atmosphere -- you've got it all! 

We want to thank our sponsors and honorary committee. Your donations and support make a difference in the lives of the students in our program. We are grateful for every dollar donated and we will use them wisely. 

We are grateful, too, to the local businesses who help us with the event: Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service, who provides complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks to our guests, FAST Signs on Maple Avenue who donated our donor boards (and they looked GREAT!), the Saratoga Social, Saratoga Today and Arthur Gonick - Daily Planet for covering the event, to the gracious owners of the Adelphi Hotel, John Angelos & Margaret Valentine and Tom & Tamara Valentine, Roohan Realty, Saratoga National, Silverwood Home & Gallery, TRF, and Bonacio Construction for donating our auction items, and to julie & co REALTY for underwriting the valet parking. 

There are so many worthy organizations in Saratoga; we are profoundly appreciative that all of you chose to support Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar. THANK YOU.

Supporting our Scholars means moments like..

Support our 2018 Derby Party by joining us as a sponsor for this year's event and help us make more memories like these- very happy faces on our Seniors as their college acceptance letters roll in!

You can make dreams of going to college a reality for our group of talented students, join us as a sponsor or on the Honorary Committee for our 'And they're off!' Derby Day Party on May 5th! by clicking here-